Why free?

WHY FREE? A good question, but after two years without much contact with people, I have had time to consider the important things of life, and I think that my priority now should be more about people and what I can do for them, rather than what others could do for me. By offering free Reiki treatments I can hopefully let more know and experience the benefits. Being retired and with some health issues, I can only see a limited number of people, and I invite you to email me with some details about yourself. (Easter 2022)

8 May 2022

photos updated

Two of the most recent


7 May 2022


This is the text of my H&E (moderated) advertisement...

relaxing Reiki session
Mature therapist near Watford (London)


4 May 2022

reiki 123 uk

I chose the domain name to reflect my treatments and attunements (initiation) - because when learning Reiki there are three levels - one, two and 3 (Master). Until I have an active website, you are directed to the blog (this page).

My attunements are always face-to-face. Most Reiki membership organisations will not accept attunements performed remotely ("over the internet"). Some people ask for re-attunements. Proper training and preparation is essential, and it cannot be rushed. Experience is a great teacher.

I hope you will find some useful information about Reiki here.


21 April 2022

Different Reiki

Although the original Usui Reiki remains the dominant form of Reiki throughout the world, many variations exist and here are a random ten (alphabetical order)…

  • Gendai
  • Golden Age
  • Jinlap
  • Karuna
  • Kundalini
  • Lightarian
  • Rainbow
  • Shamballa
  • Tibetan
  • Vajra